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Welcome to the FoxDev Wiki

The FoxDev Wiki is an effort to document everything you could ever want to know about FoxDev for the benefit of our community.

Not here as an editor? Consider starting with our FAQ.

Getting Started

Before editing anything, please read DokuWiki's Syntax,DokuWiki's Style Guide and DokuWiki's Page Manual.

Make sure you put your content in the appropriate namespace. Before creating a new namespace, check to see if an appropriate one already exists. If you're not sure, ask. For example, place Cube World content that is not directly related to FoxDev under the Cube World namespace. You can view all wiki pages and namespaces on the sitemap.

When editing, please make heavy use of the preview function, and always proof-read your content. Nobody likes a messy wiki, and a clean, well structured wiki makes it easier for new editors to get involved.

You may test DokuWiki's editing functions in the playground. This page resets every 30 minutes, so feel free to do whatever you want.

Make sure to always leave an edit summary, even if it's just “fixed typo: foxdve → foxdev”. This allows other editors to know what changes you made without having to load up the full diff view.

When you feel more comfortable with the basics of editing, consider reading DokuWiki's user manual fully to learn more advanced usage of DokuWiki.

If you have any questions or any ideas for the wiki, contact a member of staff on the forums or Discord.

As a final note, any form of vandalism will result in a ban from all current and future FoxDev services. This wiki is a community effort, don't be that guy that has to ruin it for everyone else.

Need Ideas for a Page?

Consider porting one of our community written guides over to the wiki to help with the effort to replace that forum. Make sure you ask the author for permission first though, they may want to do it themselves.

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